Whats up for window decoration in 2019

The latest trends in window decoration overviewed during my travel through the Netherlands.

Fashion never stands still and despite that you still find big differences in Europe. Especially when it comes to window decoration, you see big differences. Just look at products with gloss or a matt appearance. Window coverings with shiny fabrics can be seen much more in the Southeast of Europe while the Northwest prefers a quiet natural environment. We English people love a little more liveliness through color and patterns. That is how it has always been when it comes to window decorations. On the other hand, new inventions enter the market, like this one below.

 Window divider ( raamdecoratieshop.nl)

The horizontal panels can be hung in front of the window at any height. So you divide your window into planes and you can play with these panels.

The Dutch are one of the most ahead in window decorations

Perhaps it is because of the fast internet and infrastructure structure of the Netherlands that people are far ahead of the rest of the world. The Netherlands has many international breakthrough designers such as Piet Hein Eek and Jan des Bouvris. They have awakened the consumer and living is now very important and they are doing a lot of things to decorate the house nicely. This is no different for window decoration.

The colours of 2019

Last year it was already visible but this year we are going to see more color in the Dutch. Think of fresh aqua colors, warm ocher and warm pink. A combination of these three colors is of course also possible to give the interior a warm or fresh look. The colors will be bought more in furniture, walls and decorations and to a lesser extent in window coverings, that’s the expectation. If you hang your color in front of the window, the light will take it with you and the color tone will change in the house. Of course you have to be aware of that.