Security cameras protect your home when you are traveling

Keep burglars out of the door during absence

Does camera security make sense to keep criminals out? That question is central to this article. With the Christmas coming and the shortening of the day’s length, uninvited guests have more time to get their money off. A well-lit house is therefore essential to keep out the occasional thief. Because of course he does not want to be seen that increases the chance of being caught. If you now combine that good outdoor lighting with camera security, you create a win-win situation. If you see the camera, this scares extra.

What is a good security camera system?

To find out, it is important that your personal wishes and the situation on the spot where the security cameras come to hang. What distance does the camera have to cover and how clear the image should be. If you want to be able to recognize someone properly, you need at least a 2 megapixel camera. You also need to know if there is always a lighting fire so that you can use cameras without infra red. These include Startlight cameras, a very light-sensitive security camera that can record in color with a little bit of light.

Wifi or Cable

More and more consumers are buying Wifi cameras. Yet criminals like to see this. They can, in fact, easily paralyze a Wi-Fi network. The result is that the camera sees everything, but it can not reach the recorder. No images are then recorded. That is why it is recommended to connect the system via an ehternet network. This is much less susceptible to interference and that improves image quality and stability. Criminals can thus disturb the signal from the camera much more easily without being seen.

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