Zebra roller blinds remain the trend of 2018

About the zebra roller blind

The zebra roller blind is a very functional window covering that can completely take over the function of lace curtains and curtains. If your room is not large, this will give you a lot of space and your room will soon be up to 30 cm bigger. What does this product actually look like and what can you do with it, for example when you go on holiday and want to leave your home safe.

How it works

 Source: duorolgordijn.eu

Zebra roller blinds consist of two layers of fabric. The fabric contains horizontal strips that are alternately transparent and opaque. By moving these strips in front of each other you can, as it were, open and close the curtain. In the open position you can look out through the lanes and the light can enter freely. In contrast to an ordinary roller blind, a zebra roller blind if it is hanging halfway in front of the window can always allow much more light than an ordinary roller blind. But you can also slide the closed strips for the transparent so that the entire curtain is opaque. This is ideal as sun protection, against outside view or just to be able to optimally control the light incident. The upper side is finished with a luxurious cassette while at the bottom of the two layers of fabric hanging in a loop there is an aggravating rolling tube. You can adjust this by color and model so that you can adjust a zebra roller blind completely to your interior.

Operate when you’re on the go

If you travel a lot and you still want to operate the curtain remotely, it is also possible to equip your zebra roller blind with electric control in combination with a smart box. You can then install an app on your phone so that you can make the roller blind timer and also operate anywhere in the world with your smartphone. That is very comfortable, especially if you are traveling a lot.