How Roller Blinds dress a home

Roller blinds are multifunctional

When you think of a roller blind, you think of a cheap window decoration that hangs in almost every house. Yet you can use different types of roller blinds very well to decorate your home in a cozy way. There are many more luxurious fabrics available than before and the weaving machines can make luxurious fabrics at larger widths. In the past, roller blinds were only in small windows. That does not matter that much for the United Kingdom and the German market, but in the Netherlands, for example, there are many large windows. For this, broad fabrics are essential for the production of a roller blind without welding seam.

semi transparent roller blinds Roller blinds in Holland

Types of Roller Blinds

There are at least three types of roller blinds. You can classify them in Transparent, semi transparent or blackout.

Transparent is often not only transparent but also transparent as glass curtains. You choose transparent roller blinds to create an atmospheric light incidence or to prevent outside view from looking in during the day.

Semi transparent like prcture above is no longer transparent but always leaves some light through. The fabric is usually the same on two sides and real dark colors sometimes approach a blackout roller blind.

Blackout no longer leaves light and the back of the fabric has a coating. Often this is white because you can also keep the heat outside.

 Black out Roller blinds in England

Zebra Blinds

Zebra roller blinds have become very popular in Europe. This because of the functional properties. You can open and close them at any desired height. In this way you keep the sun out of the sun, curious glances of passers against and you can let in extra light. So you actually have a drape and glass curtain in one. That saves Pounds or Euros but also a lot of space next to the window.

 Zebra blinds in Germany

Different Coutries, Different Styles